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Hagoromo-no Matsu

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We visited a famous site in Japan which is called Hagoromo-no Matsu. Kami no michi(God’s road ) is the site of celestial nymph legend called “Hagoromo-no Matsu(Pine of Hagoromo). The legend goes that the person saw the saint bathing in the sea.The clothes of the saint were laid in the branches of the pine tree, which is now very very old. The legend asked the saint that she has to dance inorder to get back the clothes and she agreed and danced until she went to the skies. The japense also have the tradition of picking up stones from the beaches, and if a person finds a stone with only single white line, than he would have good luck. Kinda good luck charm. It was kinda interesting. We aslo went to see the Miho shrine and the Monument to elene, which is a monument dedicated to the french ballerina, Elene Giuglaris who loved the Noh play”Hagoromo” and dreamed that Miho-no matsubara, but died before visiting the pine tree area. A lock of hair of the deceased is buried beneath the monument.


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November 26, 2005 at 1:33 pm

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