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Atlast the training is over. We are currently visiting to Kyoto for a study tour to learn more about Japanese Culture. We came to Kyoto by bullet train and i manage to take some pics of mountains with snow. It was really difficult to take a good shot. Kyoto is the oldest city in Japan and it was the previous capital too. We visited Kiyomizu Temple, which is located in Otowasan, one of the Kyoto’s Higashiyama(east mountains), commanding a great panaromic view of the whole Kyoto City.

The temple was founded by Yenchin in the 8th century (780) and the present structure was rebuilt in the 17th century (1633) consist of Niomon(two stories gate of the Deva Kings), Sanjunoto (three storied pagoda), shoro (bell tower) and some others.

The view from the temple is simply amazing, with red leaves all over the place. I really enjoyed the nature around here. Though my hand was freezing, i manage to capture around 192 pics. By the time i returned to the bus, my hand was really shivering bad. But i manage to show a bright smile 😀


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December 7, 2005 at 8:58 am

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