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Here’s another toilet thought. But this time it was definitely not from the toilet.

Hmmmm.. let’s go on with the thought…. “Just friends”. What do you mean by the phrase?? Its common used word but I guess I do not have a definition for it. But let’s look at some thoughts I had about it.

A fried of mine had a relationship where he explains his relationship as ‘just friends’. But the girl was all over for him and he just pretended it to be friendship or ‘just friendship’. He could have sex with her, he could spend almost 24 hours beside her but still he called the relationship ‘just friendship’. Maybe I am a guy who has not turned European, but definitely wish some one could explain the meaning of the phrase.

Let’s look at another relation. One of my friends again! Her partner and she studied together and they were going out together, stayed together, and I guess did everything together. But still they called it as just friends

Another relation. But this time more complicated though. The guy seems to like her and want to start a relationship. The girl wants to start a relationship too, but she hesitates too much and ended up in “just friends’

So my toilet thoughts tried to make a definition and here comes it

‘Just friends – Friends, but not friends. Relationship but not relationship. Maybe a relationship but not a relationship for sure. Might yield to a relationship and might not. Friendship… nah that’s ambiguous.


Written by buggee

July 16, 2007 at 2:06 pm

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