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Again, I just could not meet up with my promises of writing in my blog regularly…

Anyways I was back in Maldives for the SAFF Championship. Guess what? I finished my exams on 2nd of June, flew on the same day and landed in Male’ International Airport on 3rd June at 1420hrs. Got back home at 1500hrs and dumped my entire luggage at home and went straight to the stadium with my camera kit! It was the same story throughout my so called – VACATION. But who cares, I just did what I loved, sports photography and witnessed the best football tournament in the history of the Maldives!

The support for the national team was just overwhelming. With each goal that was scored, I wanted to jump, but was forced to calm myself, since I had the responsibility of catching the wonderful moment through my lens!

The euphoria of winning the tournament in the capital was just overwhelming. I was in the lorry with the players and they just could not imagine it, neither I could!. The republican square was painted in red and the long 4 hour journey through out the capital was just ecstatic.

I witnessed Portsmouth Football Club’s FA Cup win and the team’s march throughout the city and they were greeted with the whole city and I mentioned in maldivesoccer.com that BBC football pundit Alen Hansen mentioned ‘for Portsmouth, the knowledge that you’ve just won the FA Cup is simply one of the best feelings you can experience’.

But for Maldives, it would be the best feeling that would be treasured for our life time.

I got 14 days vacation of which I spent 5 days in Sri Lanka and then spent one whole day in Maldives before I had to fly back to Portsmouth and on the day I flew back, my mom said unhappily ‘Sinan, you could not spend a total of 24 hours with us’. Yes it was true, but then….

You could see some of my shots of the tournament in www.buggeephotos.com


Written by buggee

June 24, 2008 at 10:37 am

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