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Earth Hour 2010

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I know this post should have come a bit earlier. But I was dragged down by office work and soccer stuff. So could not really allocate some time for my self.

Anyways, I was quite amazed on the lack of support and the awareness of the general public towards the earth hour this year.  One thing I learn this year, was that the politicians talk about environment and environmental friendliness just to promote them selves and their agenda among other leaders. But when it comes to reality they don’t give a shit about it!

I had to cover the earth hour event 2010 for AP and the first thing that came into my mind was the Republic square. The government was promoting to switch off the lights between 2030hrs till 2130hrs and I thought that the lights in republican square would go off! But unfortunately no! None of the lights went out from Maldives Police Service or even  the lights which were focused towards the national flag. So I rushed towards the Islamic Center and the lights in the mosque were not switched off either. Thirdly i thought the lights in the president’s office would be off! Sadly it was on!

That’s the reality! The government could not force their institutions to switch off the lights for an hour! How will the general public portray it! The same way I guess!

So I thought I would not get a single shot which would portray the earth hour celebration in the Maldives. However, I got lucky at the last minute! Wataniya had their own celebrations and I managed to get a couple of shots from it.

The environment ministry and including my self and the general public should have done more to promote the earth hour. The consequences we face every day due to climate change is enormous! Anyways, that’s all for now!


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March 29, 2010 at 6:25 pm

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  1. We (the Environment Ministry) had plans to celebrate Earth Hour in a very organised fashion; made a schedule and presented to Minister Aslam three weeks before Earth Hour. His response was for us to not be involved in Earth Hour activities at all and to let NGOs plan and carry out activities.

    So we had a number of meetings with NGOs, schools and media to ask them to take initiative and carry out activities. From these meetings we learned there were a number of problems; NGOs did not have the financial capacity or people who could leave everything and take up Earth Hour activities just because we asked them to. To carry out media campaigns, the media channels demanded money (now that they are not paid subsidies). Students were on their mid sem break, which means schools cannot ask them or teachers to show up (unless they wanted to help voluntarily).

    In other words, things were going nowhere. NGOs were not willing to take lead (they had good reasons), and the ministry staff could not do anything as Aslam had told them not to get involved.

    Then on 23rd March (3 working days before Earth Hour) we were told the President’s Office had instructed the ministry to organise and conduct activities to celebrate Earth Hour.

    There was simply not enough time to plan and organise everything to match the celebrations of last year. We do understand the public’s frustrations over issues like this. But I assure you, this has nothing to do with the staff of Environment Ministry not doing their work – this is just another example of the fact that our leaders are irresponsible. Minister Aslam is the sole person responsible for the weak Earth Hour celebrations this year.

    Disgruntled Employee at Ministry of Environment

    March 31, 2010 at 4:17 am

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