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Ramla – The one and only Miss Maldives

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It was a fascinating experience to meet the winner of the only Miss Maldives gala, held in the Maldives. We went to Ha. Baarah for a monitoring trip and in the sidelines asked the councilor whether she stays on the island. In reply he said that she was not very social and that she mostly stayed indoors, and would most likely refuse to having her photo taken. But we insisted on meeting with her, hoping we’d be able to get at least her story and a photograph if we were lucky.

Meeting with her we got a different impression of Ramla to the Councilor’s description of her. She seemed quite friendly, and quite willing to share her story with us… and no hesitation at all to having her photograph taken!

Here’s what I got from her story.

“Mohammed Amin, the very first president of the Maldives brought one female and one male from each island to Male for studies. The famous scholar, Mohamed Jameel went to Baarah to select the candidates. Ramla, who at that time was just 14 years old (now in her late 60’s) got selected and was brought to Male’. She was lodged at a boarding school, nextdoor to a tennis court (where Velaanaage Office complex is located). According to an article posted by Adam Haleem in Haveeru News, Mohamed Ameen demolished the Velaanaage property to build a tennis court (where the residents of the boarding school could use as a recreational ground).  During that time two lots were drawn among the female students each day, and the winners get to stay in Athireege (Amin Didi’s Residence) for the day.

During the contest, the participants were asked to pose for photographs wearing anything they wanted. Some wore, Dhigu hedhun, Boavalhu Lee Libas and Sari. A lot of people including Mohammed Ameen also asked Ramla to participate in the tournament and praised for her beauty. Ramla wore a Sari for her photo session. She mentioned that Amin Didi and Jalaaluddeen were included in the panel of judges who assessed the photographs during the contest. The winner (Ramla) was awarded a cash prize amounting to MRf 1,000. They apparently asked for the award money and invested it in the Dhivehi Gaumee Kunfuni (Maldives National Company) from which she received revenue from shares until the company was dissolved. She received the MRf 1,000 once the company got dissolved.

Unfortunately she did not have the photograph of hers that gave her the Miss Maldives title. We did manage to see other photographs of hers where she posed with Saris on.


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May 18, 2010 at 7:32 pm

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  1. I wonder why Jalaaludheen agreed to be a judge in a beauty contest when he seems to be a remarkable religious scholar. I suppose during that time there was no such belief that women should not expose their beauty.


    May 19, 2010 at 3:28 am

  2. […] Here’s what I got from her story. Read more […]

  3. What was the winner doing in athireege? must be giving sharbath to the judge…….. or just cleaning his room maybe?


    May 21, 2010 at 3:13 am

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