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Seventeenth SAARC Summit – Part 2

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It has been a while after the SAARC Summit and I did not get much time to update the blog. After the busy and hectic schedule of seventeenth SAARC Summit, I felt sick. Maybe I was worn out and didn’t have any more strength to do anything, besides office work.

Anyways, I posted the some of the preparatory pictures of Maldivian military and Maldives Police working hard to put the finishing touches of the meeting venue and other arrangements. Being a person from Addu and a Maldivian citizen, I personally thank them for their hard work. Some of them spent sleepless nights just putting up bricks around the meeting venue. Thank you my fellow friends of military and police.

I was taking pictures for Associated Press, mainly giving a helping hand to the senior photographer, Eranga Jayawardana from AP Colombo who came to Addu to cover the event. We had main strategic events to cover during the summit and we managed to get only few of them, mainly because of lack of communication between personal of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the lack of a good transport system. Don’t want to get too much into details of it. But I would like to thank Naahi and Najeel from Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their splendid help during the SAARC Summit. They understood the media the best!

There were three main events prior to the main summit. AP was not interested as there was no international coverage of the programming committee and the standing committee. I took some of the photos of the event, so that I would be able to better understand the location prior to the foreign ministers meeting.

The meeting was only open to the media for 30 minutes, i.e for the opening statement by the chairperson.

After covering the event, we were trying to find something to photograph which could show the culture and livelihood of the people. I was staying in Maradhoo and the cultural events were in Hithadhoo. The only road to the main island was blocked for the rehearsal of the motorcade. The motorbykes wer really cool and I parked my bike a little bit to the side and took some photos.

Again, on my way to the cultural event, we noticed the bicycle ride event by the president and first lady with some foreign personnel.

After following the president for a while, we managed to get a few snaps of the cultural event before a huge downpour. We managed to get a ride back to the convention center where the rest of the media were present.

That night, Harubee was playing in Maradhoo and I got some great pics of the event. Here’s one of the pics that I liked a lot.

The next day also had the same programme. So after taking photos of the morning events, we hit back on the road. After a while, we found this family walking in one of the lagoons in Hithadhoo. One thing I learnt from that day was that no matter where you are and how difficult it is, you must compose the picture well in your mind before you take it! Eranga got a great picture of this family. I also got some good stuff, but not well composed as Eranga’s.


Written by buggee

November 22, 2011 at 2:35 pm

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