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Bad days continue…

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The awefulness of this trip continued today. Mujey, Sajid and Sami were sick and almost missed the matches today. Our passes were not ready when we went to the stadium, even though WSG gave the assurance several times that it would be ready by 1pm. After waiting for almost 2 hours, Shimaz and Hamdhoon got the pass. But I didn’t. After running around through several gates they took a photo of mine outside the Nehru Stadium, printed and pasted on a blank card. I was very frustrated with the whole saga. I managed to get only a few pictures at the end of the first game. It was a really frustrating day.

On top of that, Maldives’ performance was not up to the notch. There was very little movement of the players and the creativity we saw in the Seychelles games was missing in the team. It’s too early to comment on how it could end up. But one thing for sure, we need to improve our performance and score more goals against both Pakistan and Bangladesh.

I still believe we could be the winners !

Ashfaaq celebrates with the players after scoring the superb goal

Journalists from India, Nepal, Afghanistan and Maldives waiting outside the media gate for the accreditation passes

goalnepal.com's Bikram Thapa smiles for a photo while they wait for the accreditation passes


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December 2, 2011 at 9:28 pm

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